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Stop Command


xfds stop --help
Usage: xfds stop [OPTIONS] [FILE] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Stop an FDS simulation that is running locally by creating a .stop file.

  [FILE]  The FDS file or directory to stop. If a **FDS file** is specified,
          the FDS model will be stopped. If a **directory** is specified, xFDS
          will stop all FDS file in the directory. This is especially useful
          when &CATF is used.if **nothing** is specified, the current
          directory is used and the above rules are applied.   [default: .]

  --help  Show this message and exit.

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The stop command creates a casename.stop file in the model directory telling FDS to gracefully terminate.

If a FDS file is passed, xFDS will create a .stop file for that specific FDS file. Otherwise, xFDS will locate all FDS files in the directory and create .stop files for them. This is especially handy when &CATF is used and the actual model is casename_cat.fds.

These two snippets are effecively the same.

/path/to/model (With xFDS)
xfds stop
/path/to/model (Without xFDS)
for f in *.fds; do touch "$f" "${f%.fds}.stop"; done