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Getting Set Up

Setting up for Development

You can work from anywhere on your system, however, these instructions assume you're on a unix operating system, have the username pbdtools and the code will be located at /home/pbdtools/xfds/.

Install xFDS required software

Refer to the xFDS installation instructions

Install Git

Install Git on your machine. Git is used for version control and must be used to contribute to the code base.

Once you have Git installed, follow the first time Git setup instructions.

git config --global "John Doe"
git config --global

Fork and Clone the Repository

Go to the project repository and in the top right of the page, click "fork" to make a fork of the repository in your account.

Navigate to where you want to copy the files and clone your fork of the repository. Make sure to change <USERNAME> to your Github user name.

git clone<USERNAME>/xfds.git
cd xfds

Install Poetry

Poetry is used to manage dependencies and build xFDS for distribution. Follow their installation instructions for your operating system.

Once Python and Poetry are installed, you can install the required packages with the poetry install command.

poetry install

Setting up for Testing

Install Nox

Nox is used to test xFDS on different versions of Python. A whole suite of tests are defined in

The Nox documentation suggests installing nox with pip, but pipx will isolate Nox from any other dependencies

pipx install nox
pip install --user --upgrade nox

Other Tools


Just provides a way to save and run project-specific commands. These commands are stored in the justfile. Follow their installation instructions for your operating system.

Below are some example commands and their equivalents.

Install Project Dependencies

just install
poetry install

Run pre-commit on All Files

just check
poetry run pre-commit run --all-files

Run pytest Suite on All Versions of Python

just tests
nox -rs tests

Install Current Development Version with pipx

just pipx
rm -Rf dist
poetry build
pipx install --force `find ./dist -name "*.whl" | sort | tail -n 1`

View Documentation

just docs
poetry run mkdocs serve